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Attention People of Kenner Louisiana Pt 2

I have to make another blog I don't want to but I have to. Read the ending If you are here from Nicole

In the last blog I found out and said Megan Lombard/D3zydration was a sociopath. Then she said she put her blog about me on private. She was my friend she then backstabbed me for attention, the blog was mostly lies to make my name look bad.

I was so happy when heard she put the post about me on private I felt like Nicole when she got a Restraining order on her stalker.

But then I found out the blog is still visible if you google my name..

I guess its isn't over. Just erase the post and leave me alone Megan. And I will leave you alone simple. 

And no one's a stalker. I wanted to get Nicoles attention so we can meet Jesse and Nicole has no problem with me having this site.

Also everyone don't trust D3zydration/Megan Lombard she's a backstabber, she worked for me on the Freedom Network Wiki then called me a man on the post talking about me https://freedom-network.fandom.com/wiki/D3zydration https://docrubente.tumblr.com/post/186129372604/attention-women-of-the-bakersfield-ca-area-and 

Its not that she's fake. Its because she's a sociopath like I said In my last blog. Its one thing to backstab someone but she said she was going to keep the post about me up to hurt me.. Clear giveaway and kinda creepy. Also her eyes is a giveaway too

Normal girls don't have eyes like that @moonspirenf

And she's impulsive and has a lot of charm. She has all the signs of a sociopath. I would still fuck though..

Nobody does that Megan Lombard, lie to make someones name look bad. I hope you can grow up and try to be a better person. Someone get her help. Erase the post about me and I'll erase this one. Worst enough Jesse died and I had to hear you call me "pathetic creep". You was feeling this when we first met. I never called anyone names on here. Try to be normal and nice for once D3zy/Megan Lombard.

Also Dave is mad at me over D3zy. D3zy will never do that for you. She hates everyone but pretends she doesn't. She doesn't like you or anyone. Look at her calling Koff a fucker. Stop acting like a white knight sir. She's a wolf in sheeps clothes. Its not hard to see this now. 

I was happy when D3zydration put her post on private. It wasn't erased but it was better than nothing. I stopped talking about her after that see? Now its back up now I'm telling her to erase it. I'll erase mine after. I did it before. I'm wasting money dealing with her. All this could've been avoided if she wasn't so fake. She could've been more successful too if she could've just talked to me. I made 50% more money on youtube not dealing with her. Almost $4,000 in a month.

You should've just been real, spoke to me and stayed with Freedom Network Wiki Megan. Instead of backstabbing me. My Youtube name was Freedom Network Wiki when I first came out. I made it after the first Freedom Network Wiki channel went down. After I blocked you D3zy. After you made the thread on Freedom!

I think everyone liked it more than Tempest. More people subscribed to Freedom Network Wiki, I compared them. And I just came out back then. You could've been popular if you participated and probably more richer D3zy. But you are a sociopath :/ you have to backstab. You guys ruin everything. 

My fake account Chole Kardine made game walkthroughs on it a got over thousands views per video. And people subscribed and wanted her to reupload them. Freedom Network Wiki was cool. I changed it after I saw Freedom mods made there own wiki.

I got a old video of it. I remember it had like 6,000 views

There was no point of backstabbing me D3zydration for attention. And if you wasn't scared to talk to me none this wouldn't happened. And you probably would've been more successful. Either message me or take your post about me down and I will take this one down and I won't mess with you anymore D3zy

Reason why I mentioned that because one of my subscribers told me they liked Freedom Network Wiki better than Tempest lol. Freedom Network Wiki was a bit better tbh.

And all of the popular youtubers was subscribing to the Freedom Network Wiki like Octopimp, abipop etc. Because they subscribed around the time I had my name Freedom Network Wiki. Most are still subscribed, thanks for sticking with me y'all.

I changed my name to after the Freedom mods made their own Freedom Network wiki. And after I wasn’t having no people supporting my Freedom Network Wiki channel ideas. "D3zy"

People are still commenting on Freedom Network Wiki site

Also Nicole said she put her blog back up. I don’t care at all. She just trying to bring drama. I said she was my friend. Go ahead try to bring negativity i don’t care. Thats all you try to do Nicole. Its like you want people to hate you. I just wanted D3zy to take her backstabbing blog down.

It isn’t going to affect me much.

Why don’t you go off on your real stalker like that Nicole? 

And another thing is I never loved you Nicole. Only reason why I brought this site was for Jesse so I could get your attention so we could all meet not because I liked or was obsessed with you. I liked D3zy and Alicia better. And how can someone like you anyway If you are talking bad about them? And calling the cops lying on them? Saying I drove by your house?

I'm not a stalker I was just a person annoyed that you kept copying me after I photoshopped myself in your pics for April fools. And go ahead and feel bad like you did when I talked about your mole. Even though that was just a joke. I don't hate you because of that Its because you are mean, and delusional. I also talked about Alicias moles and she didn't go crazy and everyone knows I liked her.

 I said I will stop being nice to people. All of this happened because I was too nice. I was trying to be nice to you and not make you stress out over Jesses Illness I made a blog saying Jesse was just bald. I shouldve just said he still had it. Maybe that would've made you message me again after you blocked me.

And probably I wouldn't have brought this site to get your attention. Maybe this isn't D3zys fault that she turned on me. It was because you blocked me, yet you said you loved me. How could someone even get the chance love someone who blocks them? And I was putting everyone in these blogs so I could try to get your attention. Including D3zy but it backfired hard, but If D3zy was my friend she should've spoke to me not block me.. Now I wanted D3zys attention because I liked her.

I hope you feel better over that Nicole I was just preaching the truth. I was trying to be nice to you call you friend but you put it that thing back up yet you like me? Yeah right. And stop sending cops to my moms house leave my mom alone. Compare me to you, to me and D3zy. I liked D3zy and you liked me both of us talked about the person we liked but atleast I never tried to get the person I liked locked up by talking to the cops on them. Now thats just crazy, lets leave it at this.

D3zy posted this when I said I loved her. It goes to you Nicole too

Also I brought a modded Xbox. Its awesome it has a bunch of n64, xbox games, snes, arcade and a bunch of other games on it like over 10,000. Its one of my favorite consoles. I have all the consoles now heres a video of it and a room tour