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Last blog

This is my last blog on this blog. I don’t have time for you guys. Nicole, D3zydration, Psychodave. You guys are just trying trying to bring me down and cause negativity. I’m going to make this as short as possible. Also it will be on private because there is no reason to put this on public. 

Contining from my last blog I said I don’t like Nicole because she’s mean to me. How do you expect someone to love you if you are mean to them Nicole? Just like D3zy said to me

I understand calling me names when we first met but calling the police was crossing the line.

I made the last blog to get D3zydration to take down her tumblr post about me. I think she took it down. I wasn’t going to use this website after this. 

Now you put your IG post about me up Nicole. You’re always making things worse then it has to be. Take down the post about me on Instagram. Or I will erase everything and just post your nudes on here. You have till Sep 20 to take it down or I will post it

Just leave me alone. Over 8,000 people viewed this site yesterday. When I post the full thing on here it will be everywhere on google

You called the police to my moms house now my family hates you. My sister Vanessa called you ugly I think she called you that because she was mad lol

I was going to mention D3zydration but I like her what if we start dating or something? lol

I remember vanessa was talking about some other girl and she said she was ugly then she said nvm so Its probably just girls nature to hate on each other the only girls that like each other is lesbians 

Vanessa is awesome though. Im the closest to her. Closer to her than my mom. I'm the only guy in the family and I'm the youngest btw

Psychodave said his not a neckbeard. I was just letting you know that you look like and act like one. You need to shave that beard off or trim it no offense. No normal girl will like that unless she likes neckbeards. Like D3zydration, its probably her kink. 

She also like and follow this guy. A black neckbeard thats weird..

I posted you with Moonspire and she deleted her account 

I posted her with me and she liked it, she copied my style and posted a gif with a guy opening a door with wine saying I’m doing this to everyone

I don't have a neckbeard I can get any girl I want. I actually have models liking me

A girl actually got mad at me because she thought I have alot of girlfriends or thought I was pimp or something lol. I don't like no girl rn except for Megan!

That is Alicia that sleeps with everyone

But take your IG blog about me down Nicole and leave me alone or I’ll post your nudes on the 20th

Leave me alone I have to work my youtube channels and money. I want to buy something expensive with the money. I’m thinking of a Porsche I have 3,000 saved up rn and I been saving up for a month in a half. I want to buy it straight off. I will get it customized too. If I was Pewdiepie I can buy it in like 5 days or something lol. Work on making money too Nicole, stop leaching off Dennis living in his house because he might kick you out again

Also finally someone sent me a nice comment. It seems like if my channel ever go down it'll hurt my fans more than me. Just search Guilty Gear ost the first thing you will see my channel videos.

Also D3zy take down this post please about me down babe


And why don’t we talk anymore? I remember you used to talk to me before. 

Also did my blog post about you being a sociopath make you and your boyfriend break up or something because I see you took down the reply to that blog. And I see that your boyfriend put find you a girl that will make you mad or something on twitter that's why you been acting so weird to me lately.. Message me Megan.

Also I found those random people from social media I won't call them out though